3 things that will raise the quality of your life in 2015

June 04, 2015

Here are the three simplest ways to live a healthier, improved and more fun lifestyle.

Each January millions of people set out to achieve their goals for the new year. In order to successfully reach your goals you need to be feeling and performing at your highest levels. In order to reach these levels we’re going to focus on three very simple, yet very important topics.

  1. I. Sleep

Our bodies function more efficiently with eight hours of sleep, no more or no less. Get on a sleep schedule and set specific times to go to bed each night. When the alarm goes off in the morning, get out of bed. Eliminate the use of electronics before bed to help stimulate melatonin to allow your body to fall into a deeper and healthier sleep. Reading before bed is one of the most effective ways to tire out the brain and drift away for a solid night of sleep. Getting on a sleep schedule will increase your body’s overall performance by increasing brain activity, alertness, overall productivity.

  1. II. Exercise

On average Americans spend three hours each day using some form of social media. Instead, use that time to sacrifice one hour each day to exercise. Working out helps with your metabolism, heart, strength and arguably the most important - your mindset. Exercise helps us to contend with emotional concerns ranging from day-to-day stress all the way to severe depression. Stress levels are reduced as the body simultaneously increases your mood. Look good, feel good, play good.

III. Time Management

Time is money. It’s an intangible asset that can’t be bought over the counter. Use every hour of the day to your advantage. Those who have learned to efficiently manage their time have noticed a drastic decrease in personal stress levels and increased levels of productivity. Before you go to bed each night you should already know exactly what time you’re waking up in the morning. Setting daily schedules allows us to function and gives us a routine to follow each day, ultimately leading to more efficient and more enjoyable days. Use your time wisely.

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