The underlying key to success in sports

by Tyler Ockuly on July 09, 2015

Failure is a cornerstone to success for those who are willing to learn from it.

If you were to ask Major League Baseball hall of famer Ted Williams what failure is his response would probably lead you to the greatest season of his life. In 1941, Williams failed six out of every ten plate appearances, making his single season batting average .406. A record that still stands today.

Baseball is one of a few sports that revolve around failure, and those who are mentally tough enough to accept that are the ones who are in position to succeed. No player in the history of baseball has, or ever will get a hit every at bat. In the sports world that feat is completely unrealistic. If a player can manage to get a hit one out of every three plate appearances he is not only considered to be successful, but one of the greats.

Baseball has taught us many things, but learning how to deal with failure is the most important. The goal is not to succeed, but rather to fail less than your opponents. A concept that seems so simple, yet leads endless young athletes to give up on their dreams because they can’t adjust their mindset.

Failure is inevitable in life. Everyone will fail at one point in their life and baseball has taught us that in order to be great, you must first be willing to fail. Every legendary athlete’s path to success was paved with failures.