How to impress her

by Hannah Flood on July 09, 2015

A woman's perspective on five different things you can do to impress her.

1. Step up your style

People respond to how you dress and what you wear speaks volumes about who you are. If you want a nice girl, dress nice. Plain and simple.

2. Take her on a real date

No, not Netflix in the basement. Not a 20 minute trip to her favorite fast food restaurant. Take her on a date that forces both of you to step outside of your comfort zone. Ice skating, dinner theaters, sushi bars, something that allows her to relax, have fun and let her guard down. She will thank you, and more importantly your relationship will likely go further.

3. Eliminate foul language

Leave the profanity in the locker room. Sometimes something shockingly inappropriate will spill from a mouth and unintentionally offend any females in the room. It can be uncomfortable, offensive and detrimental - depending on the setting. Think like a man, act like a man.

4. Bring chivalry back

Open a door, offer your seat, smile for no reason, tell the random girl she looks gorgeous, help a lady put on her coat. Listen to her when she is talking and ask questions about things that matter to her. Little acts of kindness work wonders on anyone in this life, especially women. A little courtesy goes a long way.

5. Learn how to cook

A man who knows how to cook is sexy, plain and simple. Knowing how to cook will make you look like the most attractive man in the world, even if the food is less than spectacular. In some cases, it’s almost better if the meal is a bust. After all, it’s the thought that counts.