Step out of your comfort zone

by Spencer Robinson on July 09, 2015

What if we never left our comfort zone?

Humans are creatures of habit. Routines are formed to ensure security and predictability in an unpredictable world. It’s human nature to choose familiarity over risk. Staying in the comfort zone is easy, but leaving it is difficult and creates an uncertain path.

Stepping out of your comfort zone leaves you vulnerable and the stakes are high. Revealing our authentic selves opens a great possibility of being misunderstood, labeled, and worst of all; rejected. However, people like people who aren’t perfect. Those who have the courage to be imperfect can be undeniably fulfilled, and furthermore appealing to society.

You might lose something when you to step out of your comfort zone, but there is so much to gain. Once we are willing to put ourselves in uncomfortable positions we learn about ourselves, expand, and grow as human beings.

You instantly become challenged and enter a learning zone that forces you to perform under pressure. Nothing is guaranteed in this life. You can fail miserably at something you don’t want, so why not take that same risk doing something you might grow to love?

We all need a comfortable environment in our life. A safe zone to come back to whenever we please, but to never venture out is a tragedy. Stay there too long and complacency will invite itself in, crack open a beer and help itself to leftovers while our sense of urgency goes on vacation. Some people are forever trapped within their comfort zone.

Do something you’ve never done and go somewhere you’ve never been. Have a life you are excited about and embrace failure when it strikes. Learn from it and try again.

Even if it doesn’t work out, at least it will make for one hell of a story.