Danny Bergeson

Red Wing, MN
Age: 25
Team UNRL since 2015

The Story of Danny Bergeson

UNRL ATHLETE // Red Bull crashed ice

The first time Danny Bergeson heard about Red Bull Crashed Ice was on the phone with his brother. “You’ve got to check this out,” he urged. After looking up videos on YouTube, Danny called his brother back to tell him he was insane.

One year later, Danny was flying superman-style over the head of a German competitor who had cut in front of him. Miraculously landing on both skates, he raced on to the finish. In his head he thought, “I’m insane”.

Developing the grit to race downhill on skates wasn’t something that came over night. Bergeson spent months training; using both conventional and unconventional methods. He stayed fit by doing skating drills and hitting the weight room, but he knew that wouldn’t help the extreme aspect of this new sport. Although Danny began downhill mountain biking, he still sought better practice. When he and his brother moved into a new house with a large backyard in 2013, they knew exactly what to do.

Spending over 100 combined hours of work, the brothers constructed their very own 150-yard downhill ice course. Their track features three large jumps and plenty of twists and turns. Creating their own training course was essential in taking their training to the next level. UNRL salutes Bergeson’s efforts to go above and beyond the competition. His drive to gain an edge by any means possible is what makes Danny Bergeson UNRL.


The Life of Danny Bergeson 

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