Matt Johnson

Matt Johnson

Brooklyn Park, MN
Age: 26
Team UNRL since 2015

The Story of Matt Johnson


After being told about Red Bull Crashed Ice from a fellow teammate, Matt Johnson couldn’t resist checking it out. As one of the fastest skaters on his team, the 24 year old hockey player seemed like a natural fit for this new extreme sport. Although he placed first in a flat-ice time trial, Johnson was disappointed to take 46th overall in the 2013 St. Paul event. However, the intense rush of adrenaline he received from racing was something he just couldn’t shake. The next few years of his life would soon become dedicated to excelling in a sport few have heard of, let alone compete in.

Matt used his speed and explosiveness to begin racing, but had to learn new skills in order to become competitive. He began in-line rollerblading at skate parks as well as downhill alpine skiing to throw him off his axis. Becoming comfortable with hang-time and unbalanced situations was crucial to his development as a Crashed Ice racer. A strict workout and diet regimen keeps him in top shape, while analyzing past race film keeps him motivated.

When Johnson took 3rd place during the team runs in Edmonton, he realized that he has what it takes to compete with the best on the tour. Using his shortcomings as motivation, Matt pushes himself to improve one day at a time. Every morning he wakes up knowing that he has to train harder than his toughest competition. This drive exemplifies the values and mission of UNRL. Doing everything he can today to ensure his success tomorrow is what makes Matt an UNRL athlete.


The Life of Matt Johnson 

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