The Story of Scott Cahill


Scott Cahill’s story is one of taking advantage of every opportunity. He grew up across the street from a golf course where his dad regularly played, so he would tag along as much as he could. He loved playing golf, but ultimately he enjoyed being active. He was playing traveling hockey, snowboarding, and golfing in his hometown in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. When he was in 7th grade, he decided to quit playing hockey so he’d have more time to snowboard. Then, near the end of 8th grade, he had a swing coach spot potential in his golf game. He thought Cahill had a chance to be a great golfer and to play at the next level in college.

The catch? He wanted Cahill to play golf year-round. As an 8th grade kid, he didn’t exactly jump at the idea because he loved snowboarding too, but he did it. Cahill golfed through high school, winning several invitational tournaments to be recognized as one of the best young golfers in Illinois. By the end of his junior year of high school, he had committed to the University of Miami (Ohio) to golf at the Division I level.

“I didn’t have the best college career, especially the first two years,” he said. “It was kind of average to mediocre [for freshman and sophomore years]. My junior year was my breakout year with some top-10 finishes and a decent scoring average. That’s when I put together that we could make a run and that I would see if I can play at the next level after this.”

In his senior year, Cahill tied for second at the Mid-American Conference Championships, leading the RedHawks to the conference title. When their season ended and he graduated in May of 2015, he immediately turned his attention to play professionally.

Just two months later, in his first professional event, he tied for 5th in his home state at the Illinois Open. In the fall, he moved to Florida to prepare for Q-School to continue his professional career. There, 84 golfers competed for the top 11 spots to be offered full-time PGA status. Cahill finished 4th and was given full status for the first half of the season on the PGA Latinoamerica tour. On the tour, he competed all over Central and South America.

“It was cool, you’re in a different place of the world every week,” he said. “We went from the beaches of Nicaragua right on the coast to 10,000 feet in Ecuador the next week. …Playing in Latin America was a great experience.”

While Cahill enjoyed his time traveling and playing professionally, he quickly noticed the toll it takes on your body. “It’s a week-to-week thing,” he said. “You get down there somewhere Monday, play all week, fly out on Sunday and do the whole thing over again. I’d be gone for six weeks at a time, wearing the same eight or nine golf shirts just trying to make a check every week.”

“There’s a lot more [to professional golf] than what you see on TV Thursday to Sunday,” Cahill said.

Following the 2016 season, Cahill did not retain his professional status into 2017. After a year and a half of trying out the professional lifestyle, he’s ready to move on to his next challenge.

But he’s glad he gave it a shot.

Being on tour opened a lot of doors for him: he got to travel to places he never would have been able to otherwise and he met some amazing people while traveling and competing. While playing pro, he also met the founders of UNRL. Now, he is going to be representing the brand as a sales rep in the Las Vegas area. Rock on, Scott.

Cahill’s ambition to challenge himself at every level of golf is what makes him UNRL. You never know what opportunities are out there unless you go for it, and he has made a habit out of striving for more.

Through his life, he has been supported by his family and closest friends. “I work as hard as I can to make them proud and can’t thank them enough,” he said.